Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Continuing last week's post about the UAE National Dress; this time allow me to share with you what is an abaya.

Abaya is the long flowing black gown or cloak worn by the UAE National females. Price ranges from AED 150 to AED 2500 (USD 40 to 680) each, depending on the material and design. It can be a plain black or those with intricate jewel designs. I have seen some signature abayas too like those made by Burberry, Drior and Givenchy. Ladies will wear western clothes like jeans and shirts or the local dress under their abayas ( I have seen some women wearing their pyjamas too).

The main reason for wearing the abaya is the concern for modesty. Nowadays, especially in central Abu Dhabi  and Dubai, you will find some emarati women simply putting their abaya on  but they are leaving it open, I mean, you can visibly see their clothes under the abaya. It is quite different with the conservative emarati women and even with the bedouins, I noticed that their abayas are simple, usually plain black and tightly closed, you will not see even their hands and feet, toes and fingers because they wear black gloves  and black socks.

Word of the day: baad wahid usbu'u is the arabic term for next week. Salaam to all!

(Let me take this opportunity to thank you guys for your perennial visits. Please excuse me for being so slow in commenting and answering your questions because I have a very tight schedule due to my much awaited vacation.)


  1. Wonderful and informative post as always, Misalyn! I do love the opportunity to learn more about your world. Hope you have a great week!


  2. very imf0rmative.
    Nakatry ka na ba niyan sis magsu0t?

  3. I'll take silvia's same attitude - learning is never foreign to me.

  4. It is very educational learning about different culture. Interesting post and photos as usual!

  5. hi Misalyn! thanks for always droppin' by my page though i seldom blog nowadays. hope you had a great V-day with your hubby. you can add me in FB if you have one. my email add is chersc29@gmail.com. i do more facebooking than blogging nowadays coz of time constraint. =)

  6. Wow thanks for the info Misalyn, I have friends whose husbands works in the Middle East and they're having second thoughts going there due to these Abayas.


  7. i'm always curious what's it like to wear an abaya, like kimono. ^0^
    the designs are more fashionable now than before.

  8. @Slyvia,
    Thank you.

    @coffeevegie addict,
    thanks sis. Nope, hindi ko pa natry.

    thank you.


    thank you ate.

    Nice to see you blogging again.thanks for the visit.

    Here in UAE it is not mandatory to wear an abaya especially if you are a non-muslim expat.The same thing with other gulf countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar. I think it is onnly in Saudi Arabia where wearing an abaya for ladies is mandatory.

    so do I. I have never tried wearing an abaya.

    To all,

    I am always grateful for your visits and for your comments and suggestions. Thank you so much.


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