Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2011 Series: Miss Demeanour, RC Jets and helicopter, etc.

This is the last entry for my week-long Al Ain Aerobatic Show series. Yay! For today, let me share the rest of the photos. Enjoy!

Another beauty that anyone couldn't ignore was Miss Demeanour. According to the commentator on that day, this aircraft is a classic British jet fighter in a paint scheme, owned and flown by the former Royal Navy instructor pilot Jonathon Whaley. It scorched the skies high and extremely low around the heads of the crowd. This Hunter Hawk was undeniably a crowd pleaser with its eye-catching bravado performance. She was actually "dancing" in the air.
Miss Demeanour
It wasn't only an aeroshow, there were some death-defying motocross stunts too. 

Part of the event was the awarding rites for the winners of Desert Challenge which was conducted on Friday, February 4, 2011. The overall winner was Castor Fantoba from Spain.
Winners of the FIA Desert Challenge

The RC's
Otto the helicopter

and the "pilot"

These skydivers were from Fazzaa Sky Team based in Dubai, UAE. Their skydiving skills were really impressive. I have already changed the lens of camera when I saw these skydivers.

At 06:00 P.M we left the grandstand hoping to check out the static on-ground display. We managed to have a look at some of the aircrafts.

some of our photo ops




JM loved this face painting
Before we headed to the parking area, I took my last glance at the main entrance and snapped this photo.

And what a nice scenery to end our day.....a sundown at the parking lot.

I hope you enjoyed the Al Ain Aerobatic Show series. Thank you my blogger friends and followers for always visiting Al Ain City Daily Photo. Have a nice day!!

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Word of the day: khalas is the Arabic word for the end or finished or completed. Salaam!


  1. hi missy, cute fotos of you guys,.
    while you look pretty cute as ever, hubby looked a bit serious ah! ^0^
    and cute, cute face painting. okay,
    stop! too much cute word in one post already. ^-^

  2. I love Miss Demeanour!
    She's so beautiful.. :)
    great pictures!

  3. What an exciting event to attend. I enjoyed all these wonderful shots.

  4. What a lovely family!
    You look just great!

    Another excellent collection of photos!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. definitely an event not to be missed. i wondered how much was the fee to enter.

    are those your kids and the hubby?

  6. @Photo Cache,

    I have won 2 complimentary tickets and we paid AED20/person for the kids.

    Yes, those are my kids and my hubby.

  7. Some colorful planes you got there! Nice as well to see you and your family!

  8. love your family photos and the last photo just takes my breath away....

  9. seems like you and your family really enjoy that day .
    these picturs are greate . that one with rc helikopter is too awesome


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