Monday, June 3, 2013

Al Ain City Daily Photo Goes to Caramoan: Our Accomodation

Hello everyone! Has it really been a month and 17 days since my last post? Whew! Just whew. Oh! I can even see some cobwebs here. Well, to be fair, I've been really busy with various responsibilities being a member of the International Nurses' Day 2013 Committee. Mostly taking photos for the different activities during the week-long celebration.

But I'm back on the blogging wagon (yay!) and ready (shall I say determined?) to write blogsposts that I could share with my readers. And to start with, allow me to continue my vacation stories. So please bear with me, okay? This might bore you to death. Hahahaha!

From Guijalo Port, it took us about 20 minutes of land travel to our accommodation. It was a pleasant trip since our tour guide was very accommodating. Yet I found it so irritating to have a bumpy ride because of the rough road. Yes, there's smooth road (thanks to Survivor!) but I think it is more of rough road leading to the town of Caramoan.

As I've mentioned in my previous post, we wanted to stay at Gota Village Resort (by the way, who wouldn't want to?) but due to budget issues, we opted to stay at Istaran Budget Hotel. No regrets. Why? This economy hotel offers various amenities just like other budget hotels in town. The only difference is the absence of indoor or outdoor pool. For budget vacationers like us, it was fine; but if you're longing for a luxurious Caramoan vacation, you better start checking the Gota Village Resort or Tugawe Cove Resort.

Here are some of the photos of the budget hotel. These are straight out of the camera shots(DSLR and mobile) so don't expect to see nice photos (okay, okay I must admit that I am too lazy to do even minor editing argh! Not to mention that I was not in the mood for clicking before or after the island hopping----yeah right! excuses, excuses!). You can click the photos to enlarge.

this is how it looks like from outside

 my family at the reception
sir Fernan, Malyn and Ivy at the reception

hubby at the pocket garden

wash area located at the reception with hand-made earthen jars
wooden stairs with chandeliers and small souvenir shop at the reception

Standard room and dorm-type room-equipped with A/C, bath and toilet, bidet, hot and cold shower. 
Installed with flat screen TV and cable connections, side table and intercom. 

lobby (wifi and play area)

function hall  (we do looked sore here hahaha! but ready for our day 2)

What I liked about our stay in Istaran Budget Hotel was the service that they have provided. The employees were kind and courteous. Most of all, I loved the food especially the relyenong bangus....the best relyenong bangus that I have tasted so far! 

This is the usual table presentation at the function hall for a budget meal. With this type of package, our tummy were always full! I must say that our gustatory desires were always satisfied especially during dinner time.

Here are some of the best Pinoy cuisines from Istaran Budget Hotel.

relyenong bangus
liempo and grilled chicken
tapsilog for breakfast- I wonder how they marinate the beef, it was so yummy!

I would like to thank Mr. Darius Mirasol of Northlink Events and Travel Services and Mr. Angel Naval, the owner of Istaran Budget Hotel, for accommodating us.

By the way, I'll be posting my tips on how to get there and things to do in Caramoan at the end of this series of posts. You don't wanna miss some new stories, right? :)

That's all folks for today. My next post is all about our 1st day of island hopping, so keep on visiting this page. Salaam!

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  1. we only travel on a budget, i don't know how it feels to have a little luxury while traveling.

  2. yey, welcome baaaack sis!!! :D

    we are budget travellers too. what matters is the unforgettable experience and fun time exploring places.

    the food is TDF! your photos made me so hungry that i am thinking of having 2nd round of breafast,hahaha!

  3. The relyenong bangus makes my stomach grumble! gee everything here actually makes me wish the hubby, the kids and I could have an out of town travel too....I know what you are busy about are working out,running and jogging and all hehe, congrats on being able to wear a gear you have kept in the closet for sometime..happy working and take care always sisterrete! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Hubby and I are big fans of Survivor, we will definitely include a Caramoan getaway on our next homecoming. Can't wait to read your post about the beaches. Did you went to Gota and Bikal?

  5. Lovely fotos, greeting from Belgium


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